Are you looking for professional headshots? Maybe it’s time to update that LinkedIn profile or order new business cards that match your brand?

Whatever your reasons for needing your professional headshots, it is definitely easier to find headshot photographers than ever before thanks to social media and internet. But if you haven’t had professional headshots in awhile or ever at all, there can be a lot to think about in getting ready for the shoot.

And since we want you to feel great about who you truly and for those headshots to show that...

There are some tips we at Ryan’s Content , with Laramie Headshots, have learned and we would like to share with you: choosing the right background, making grooming and make-up top priority, selecting the right outfit, getting enough rest, and having the right mindset.

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Five Tips for Getting Ready for Professional Headshots

After years of experience working with an array of clients in Wyoming and Northern Colorado and continuing to grow in our passion for photography, Laramie headshot photographer, Ryan Krier, has found five tips that have helped our clients prepare for their professional headshots:

  • choose the right background

  • make grooming and make-up top priority

  • select the right outfit

  • get rest

  • have the right mindset


Choose the Right Background

Why is choosing the right background super important in getting ready for your headshot session? Isn’t

this the photographer’s job? Yes, but not always.

While there are many great, professional headshot photographers out there, sometimes a “headshot”

photographer’s style will really look more like a portrait than a headshot.

Instead, they rely on using only scenic landscapes and busy backgrounds to “tell a story” or add interest

to the image.

BUT... even if these images turn out great, the distracting backgrounds will actually end up limiting your

design of your website, logo, brand, business cards and signs. Instead, the best professional headshots

involve simple, basic backgrounds: black, white and gray.

On choosing the right background, Ryan’s Content and Laramie Headshots photographer Ryan Krier says:

Preferably white is the best, in my opinion, because it makes for the cleanest looking headshot. Some

times white will not work with the colors of someone’s website, and the overall feel that is desired. In

those instances, gray or black will work.

Keep in mind...When using black backgrounds, an addition of a hair light might be needed for darker hair

clients so the client is not lost in the background.


Make Grooming and Make-up Top Priority

If we can get one point to you from this post and our blog – it is THIS: A good professional headshot will

be clear and high-quality. However, An AMAZING professional headshot will show everything because

it’s so in focus.

In other words, it is ridiculously clear.

This may cause some angst for clients, however, if you come ultra prepared for your headshot shoot with

good grooming and make-up, you won’t have to hide a thing! In-fact, extra effort into preparation will

make the image shine even better.

Here are a few ways to start:

Check out YouTube tutorials

Visit with a local, professional make-up artist

Visit with a hair stylist

Practice the look before hand and never the day of or day before!

On making grooming and make-up top priority, Crash N Bash and Laramie photographer, Ryan Krier says:

Does the photographer have a make up artist on staff? Are you comfortable doing your own makeup?

Photoshop is a great tool, but does not shape the face as well as make up can. When finding a make up

artist be sure to check their portfolio.

Always check that make up is blended properly and no lines.For women – be aware of different light settings that may make applying makeup correctly tricky. Always bring your make-up bag for quick fixes or re-application. For men – clean shaving, nose hair trimmed, and normal grooming. See my photo below to see the difference!

DSC03392 photo.jpg

Select the Right Outfit

Deciding on what to wear for a photo shoot can be an agonizing question for anyone. While it can be

tempting to get new outfits for the shoot, it is important to feel relaxed and comfortable in front of the

camera. So be sure that any new clothing ensembles make you feel great and not self-conscious.


It really helps to have a few options with accessories – such as smaller simple jewelry pieces and fun

unique pieces to choose from. Still, at the end of the day, remember this headshot is about YOU!

On selecting an outfit, Ryan’s Content and Laramie Headshots photographer, Ryan Krier says:

Bring 3 outfits that you and headshot photographer can decide on together. Shirts should be one solid

color. Showcasing who you truly are is the key to a great headshot. If you know photographer uses

predominately white backgrounds try not to bring a white shirt. The same will go if the photographer uses

black – don’t wear a black shirt.

Try to stay away from super bright colors also so there is no distraction from you. Check out photo

above of myself. White background used for both. The one on left I am prepared for my headshot for obvious reasons!


Be Rested

How does a good-night’s sleep help prepare for that great headshot? Right backgrounds, right make-up

and right outfits are all important. Nevertheless, like the saying goes – your eyes are windows into the

soul. Having eyes full of energy and life will be the most sure way to make your headshot even that more



Feeling good about yourself will give the photographer more opportunities with poses and expressions,

which will give you a look of openness, warmth, and friendliness.

On getting rest, Ryan’s Content and Laramie Headshots photographer Ryan Krier says:

Get plenty of rest. Drink lots of water the week before your headshot session. If one comes in mad and

unhappy the headshots might show that.

Have no fear though because as professional headshot photographers we are masters at making for a

great experience, so if you do happen to come in grumpy you will be leaving happy, and glad you

discovered how great you truly are.


Have the Right Mindset

Last but not least, our tip for coming prepared to a headshot session is to have the right mindset. Paying

for professional headshots is an overlooked and often avoided necessity for your brand success. And,

yes, selfies and quick pics have their place in our Instagram feeds.

However, consider this...

The quality and versatility of a professional headshot cannot be matched with the low pixel, unprintable

images on a cell phone or poor, natural lighting with an amateur photographer. In fact, not hiring a

professional may be a route that is actually more risky to with your brand and business.

Instead, that professionally edited, well lighted, and print worthy image will bump your brand, influence,business, and ventures to that next level. That is something even Ryan’s content photography and Laramie Headshots has personally found to be true.

So when you hire a professional photographer for those next headshots, remember it is an investment.

For your success and your dreams.

On having the right mindset, Ryan’s Content and Laramie Headshots photographer, Ryan Krier says:

Majority of people don’t like to be in-front of the camera. Have no fear you will not break the camera as I

have heard so many times. In truth, you will actually be amazed at how truly amazing you are! With the

addition of cell phones we as a society have forgotten the importance of lighting and quality.

Since we all have cell phones we feel we are professional photographers. I personally dislike every selfie

attempt of myself, but when the lights are on in the studio it takes away most shadows and lets the true me shine!!


So there you have it – five tips on how to prepare for your professional headshots. We hope it helps! If

you have any other tips to share or would like to let us know how we helped feel free to find us on

Instagram – we would love to see you comment!


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