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AUGUST 31, 2018

by Ryan Krier, owner and photographer of Crash N Bash Photography, LLC

Are you a beginning photographer and are interested in learning how to take headshots? Or are you a

pro photographer making a shift from other photography to headshot photography? There is so much

information out there, it’s hard sometimes to know where to start.

Hello and Welcome to Our Blog!

Crash N Bash photography was in the same place as you a few years ago. And trust us – it’s been a

learning process for Crash N Bash Photography along the whole way, too.

However, after taking some risks and lots of photography adventures, we discovered the three must

haves for amazing professional headshots at our studios in Downton Laramie, Wyoming and Northern

Colorado: professional lighting system, a background over location, and strong photoshop skills.

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What Makes a Great Headshot

A Little Backstory

If you followed or worked with Crash N Bash photography, you will know that Crash N Bash

photographer, Ryan Krier, loves to get out and do things. Whether it’s sports photography of teams or

having fun shoots with local skate boarding legends, Ryan Lee likes those action shots!


Now that he has officially opened his headshot studio in Laramie, WY and in Northern Colorado, Ryan

Lee has been working on updating his own headshots portfolio for Crash N Bash Instagram and

Facebook profiles, signs and business cards, etc.

Results are Clear

Getting out from behind the camera and front in center of his lens, for Ryan Krier or any photographers,

always helps remind professionals how their clients feel and make the experience fun and comfortable.

(It also helps to have your assistant push the button for your set up!)

Even Ryan Krier, who has been in portrait photography and headshot photography for several years,

was surprised by the clarity and quality of his own headshot!

So how does Crash N Bash, with his team at Laramie Headshots and Longmont Headshots studios, get

that professional look and clarity for headshots?

Keep reading below...

Three Must-Haves to Take Headshots Like a Pro Photographer

Hey, Ryan Krier, here.

Whether you are starting out headshot photography or making a switch as a professional to this style of

portraiture, there are three ways to take headshots that Crash N Bash photography believes will set you

above the rest.

Professional Lighting set up

Simple Basic Backgrounds

Photo-Editing knowledge and skills

Professional Lighting Set Up

Light, Camera, Action!

With all the amazing new cameras out there, like our favorite Sony a7, it seems easy enough to rely on

natural light both indoors an doutdoors for portrait and headshot photography.

But consider this – consistent lighting is very important to successful headshots.

From my experience, shooting without lights can create all kinds of problems. There can be hot spots

and excessive shadows, that do anything but flatter your clients and create more work for you in edit


That is why setting up a professional lighting system is a must!

Check Out These Lights (affiliated links):

or this one...


Simple Basic Backgrounds

Back it Up

Background is one of the most important must-haves for professional headshots although often

overlooked. Certainly, having a basic white or black background not only saves you time in editing but

also allows your client a “clean slate” to use their headshot.

Think about it.

Fonts and logos can fit perfectly into any negative space, which allows your client even more options for

using their headshot.

So –

While it might be tempting to use that brick wall of that downtown alley or the ivy growing behind the

coffee shop, I recommend creating a background that is simple for your client and not distracting from

the actual shot you’re taking – a head shot.

Check Out These Headshots

And, for Our Headshot Backgrounds (affiliated links) :

Perhaps, this might work...

Photo Editing Skills

Lightroom and Photoshop

For that professional headshot look of quality and clarity, with my Crash N Bash photography, I focus on

this third must-have.

Learning some basic tricks with photo editing programs and apps will be one way to definitely move you

to that professional level of headshot photography.

Therefore, the focus should be to touch up the photo without altering it too much. We want a headshot to

be as authentic of someone as possible.

Touch up teeth.

Touch up skin.

Touch up hair and/or clothing.

Basic Tools for Photo Editing

In Lightroom, we use Crash n Bash presets, the adjustment tool, and Basic correction in Develop (such

as exposure, highlights and shadows).

For Photoshop, healing brush, clone tool, and paint brush tool (for watermark).

Side note: Since there is so much to talk about on Lightroom and Photoshop settings and tools, stay

tuned for future blog posts that will dive more into the specifics of the programs!

My Photo Edits on Instagram

But hold on a second...

There is one more must-have my Crash N Bash Photography blog would like to share with you!

BONUS TIP: A Must-Have for professional headshot photography is an arsenal of “how to” books,

videos, and sites bookmarked on all thing EXPRESSIONS and POSES.

The right pose and expression makes all the difference!

Thanks for reading,

Ryan Krier


So there you have it- three ways we set up our studio to take and create clear and quality professional

headshots: Professional lighting set up, simple, basic backgrounds and photo-editing skills!


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